Red Lobster To Let Diners Pick Which Lobster They Want From Deep Freezer

Red Lobster patrons are looking forward to hand picking and ice picking their meals from the storage room.

In a move to enhance the restaurant experience by providing patrons with a greater sense of involvement, the New England-themed restaurant mogul Red Lobster has announced it will now let diners handpick which lobster they want from the back of the deep freezer.

“I am looking forward to allowing patrons the liberty of selecting their own lobster dinners,” said general manager Rob Higgins, referring to the process of having the diner go back into the storage room and gesture to which freezer-burnt crustacean they would rather have chiseled from the giant ice block and left to thaw on a plate.

Higgins later added, “It’s also nice for people to know more about where their food comes from. It’s just like farm-to-table.”

Restaurant patrons nationwide are also reportedly jumping at the idea of playing a larger role in their own dining experiences.

“My strategy is always to choose whichever lobster looks the liveliest and therefore the freshest,” said restaurant patron Jill Rahl, in reference to the years-old arthropods lying limply in a bucket of ice. “I pull from the back of the freezer because I know they usually put the expired ones up front.”

“I also appreciate the transparency inherent in involving the diners in the food preparation process,” added Rahl. “It’s nice to know my seafood is being chemically treated and frozen here in America rather than in some deep freezer way over in China or somewhere.”

At press time, Red Lobster employees were seen closing the deep freezer door and dousing the lobsters in bleach in an attempt to once more stave off their expiration dates.

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