White Rapper Raps Fast

Listeners were reportedly unable to evaluate Hoes’Mad’s flow due to the speed of his rhymes.

Area Caucasian rapper Yung Hoes’mad stunned fans last week by uploading yet another incredible video of him rapping at a quick speed to his Instagram profile.

“He’s technically talented,” said Joe Hill, one of the 37 reluctant followers of Hoes’Mad’s account. “He can rap pretty fast.”

Hoes’Mad, born Chris Kennedy, recently broke out on the scene after dropping out of community college. Audiences have described his sound as “alright for a white guy” and “pretty speedy.”

“His raps are honestly really fast,” said Soundcloud listener Jeremy Benson. “That takes some kind of skill, right?”

Hoes’Mad himself has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from his 37 fans.

“It’s pretty sick, dog,” he said, in a manner that indicated he was trying out the slang for the first time.

“What he lacks in talent, cleverness, or overall rap persona, he makes up for in speed,” said the Subway manager who witnessed the filming of Hoes’mad’s video in a car in the franchise’s parking lot. “I could see him going places, but I also walked up and offered him a job just in case.”

At press time, Hoes’Mad was seen taking a deep breath, saying “here goes nothing,” and emailing a copy of his newest mixtape to kanyewest@gmail.com.

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