And So, Yeah

Furthermore, and in addition to everything I’ve said so far, the declining wolf population is a direct result of unfair stereotypes that the media perpetuates. And so, yeah, that’s about it. Thanks, everyone.

So uh-huh, if anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. But that’s just about it for my presentation, yeah. I’d love to clarify anything that people don’t really understand. Yeah, any questions? No? Okay, well, yeah, that’s just about it from me.

Uh, yeah, thanks, everyone. I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who participated during the middle part of my presentation. It’s really appreciated, and, yeah, I guess that’s about it. Thank you all for bear-ing with me. Get it, because “bear,” and my presentation was about wolves? Um, well, yeah, that’s all I’ve got. Yeah.

That just about does it for my fifteen-minute slot, so yeah, I guess it looks like I’ll be wrapping up now. Yep, that’s it.

I’ve pretty much expended all I have to say about my topic at this point, so yup, it looks like we’re done here. So yeah, thanks everyone for listening to my presentation about endangered wolves.

Right, so to wrap this up one last time, I hope you all learned something. And, well, yeah.

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