Black-And-White Cat Named Oreo Again

Every visitor to the Findlay household has reportedly recommended adopting a white cat to name ‘Milk.’

After adopting a black-and-white kitten from an animal shelter this weekend, the Findlay family in Nashville reportedly decided to name it Oreo, in the millionth such occurrence in human history.

Upon departure from the animal shelter, the family allegedly spent hours searching various knowledgeable forums, including a “cat name ideas” Google search, for a noble, well-suited title for their new family pet.

As pet-owners worldwide have practiced for centuries, eldest child Brianne Findlay suggested naming the cat Spot, because, obviously, “he has one.” The family’s oldest son, Kyle Findlay, channeled what reports confirm to be average levels of insight by suggesting the cat be named “Whiskers.”

Shortly after 6 pm however, youngest son Jason Findlay experienced what he believes to be an “earth-shattering revelation,” even though experts confirm it was “statistically unsurprising.” Observing the cat’s black-and-white pelt, Jason realized his kitten’s uncanny resemblance to the iconic milk cookie, as most people will do at least once in their lifetime.

Jason suggested “Oreo” and was reportedly met with hums and nods of approval: the whole family blissfully unaware of their mutual lack of originality.

At press time, the Findlays expressed thankfulness for the naming experience, as it has helped them cope with the passing of their beloved, “one-in-a-million” dog, Fluffy.

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