Guy Just Added To Group Chat Already Asking For Squad Pic

‘We’re gonna look so badass,’ reported the dumbass.

Though only added to the group a short three days ago, U-M sophomore Harry Davidson is reportedly already asking for every member of the group chat to take a picture together for Facebook and Instagram.

“Squad pic in five?” typed Davidson into the chat, despite sitting beside all of its members at a recent football game. “I need a new cover photo, we should really get a flick with the whole crew.”

Despite the fact that four of the group chat’s nine members were still unsure as to why Davidson was added to the iMessage coterie in the first place, Davidson was reportedly relentless in his efforts to insert himself into a photograph with his “clique.”

“This is a great opportunity for us to get a pic for Insta,” insisted Davidson, acting like someone who had been a member of the chat for years now. “If we stand with our backs to the field, the lighting will make us look sick as hell.”

Recent reports have shown that Davidson’s request was never met with a response. “I’ll kick his teeth in if he asks one more time,” said squad member Derrick Maven when reached for comment. “I still hate Anthony for adding him.”

Witnesses spotted Davidson repeatedly tapping members of the group chat on the shoulder in the student section while yelling, “Yo, let’s get a dope shot of all of us in five!”

“This’ll be one for the books. It’ll be a great way to remember the gang and how we lived,” said Davidson, despite the fact that two of the chat’s members were unaware he had even been added.

After the group members reluctantly congregated for a picture with the overeager Davidson, sources confirmed that the oblivious sophomore had captioned the image “squad rolls deep” on Instagram and “the boys, the boys, the boys” on Facebook.

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