Lone Man In Yoga Class Definitely Cheating On Wife

Prescott reportedly wiggled off his wedding ring, claiming it allowed for more relaxation during Shavasana.

Sources at the Hot Yoga Studio of Pasadena, California are reporting that lone male participant Karl Prescott is most definitely cheating on his wife.

According to onlookers of the 60-minute session, the 42-year-old was surrounded exclusively by toned young yoginis, clearly indicating that something was up.

“There’s no way he’s not cheating on Margot,” said classmate Cynthia Wylie. “I mean, look at the angle of his downward dog. He must be getting ‘special help’ from the instructor.”

“His poor wife,” said fellow yoga practitioner Amy Lee Simpson, shaking her head as she executed a tree pose. “He should think about the kids,” she added, exhaling through her sun salutation.

The legally married Prescott was reportedly “suspiciously composed” for such a virile young man in close quarters with multiple flexible females.

“I’ve been in the yoga business close to 30 years, but I’ve never seen one of the guys manage to keep his side chick under wraps so well,” said instructor Felicia Williams. “There’s no way Karl isn’t getting some outside of his marriage.”

At press time, class members were certain Prescott was checking out their butts.

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