RA Asks Students To List Rose, Bud, Trauma

‘How about we all go around and unpack what Jamie just shared?’ suggested RA Jacobson.

In a twist on the classic “rose, bud, thorn” icebreaker activity, Bursley resident advisor Sarah Jacobson asked her freshman residents to list a childhood trauma instead of a “thorn” during their hall meeting week.

At a cookie decorating event last Saturday, RA Jacobson reportedly chose to create her own unique way to introduce freshmen to one another.

“It was getting so cliché, asking kids their high and low points of the week,” said Jacobson. “I wanted to find a way to have us all connect a bit more quickly. The semester is almost over and most of them still haven’t opened up, so I thought what better way to speed up the process than to ask them to tell 15 acquaintances about their deepest, darkest secret?”

“My roommate and I weren’t close at all, but after she talked about how her grandfather’s death at her family reunion really affected her own ability to trust her health, I realized that maybe it’s not such a big deal that she leaves her towel on my hook,” reported Margaret Nichols, one of Jacobson’s fifty residents.

Jacobson’s supervisors are reportedly split on the effectiveness of the advising method. Despite the controversy, Jacobson insists, “don’t knock it ‘til you try it.”

“I decided to bring the activity home over Thanksgiving break too, and it really livened up the table,” reported Jacobson. “I learned so much about my parents in the span of five minutes, and now we’ve never been closer,” she confirmed.

At press time, Jacobsen was developing more icebreakers to further psychoanalyze her residents.

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