Well-Timed Meme Tag Saves Dying Friendship

After the meme tag, Lee considered offering a study-hang invite with plans to cancel at the last minute.

Reports emerged early last Friday that a well-timed meme tag made by U-M sophomore Samantha Weiss had successfully salvaged her waning friendship with fellow sophomore Cindy Lee.

According to the tagged Lee, the impeccably timed Facebook tag renewed the failing friendship while also serving as a “dank, but somber” relic of a sisterhood past.

The meme in question was reportedly a variation on a well-known format, but its relative ubiquity in the Reddit sphere was unknown to Facebook users Lee and Weiss, for whom the cute-dog-funny-text combination served just fine.

The humorous image was said to have elicited a smirk, nasal exhale, and some slight confusion from Lee upon discovery while walking to class — just enough of a reaction to patch up the rifts in the relationship about to completely sputter and stop. Lee, bemused, reportedly responded immediately to Weiss’ tag with a “Love” react, prolonging the inevitable last breaths of the friendship clearly at death’s door.

“I almost completely forgot about Samantha,” admitted Lee. “She literally fell off the face of the earth last year. But then I saw that tag, and I remembered how funny she always was. I miss her dearly,” Lee added, before screenshotting and sending the meme to the group chat she used to communicate and share jokes with her actual friends.

Weiss and Lee, who were East Quad hallmates freshman year, had reportedly begun growing apart ever since Lee finally found her “people” this year.

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