Betsy DeVos Introduces Study Aboard Program On Personal Yacht

DeVos invited students to set sail this coming spring semester.

This past Tuesday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced the creation of “Study Aboard,” a program that allows college students to spend a semester living and studying aboard one of her family’s yachts.

During their time at sea, students can enroll in courses such as English and Why Poor People Deserve To Be Poor, all while indulging in luxury cabins, extravagant meals, and five-star views of the Caribbean.

Joey Spencer, a junior from Northwestern University applying to the program, says he “can’t wait to see dolphins while learning about trickle-down economics.”

Prospective applicant Annaliese Yelder, a sophomore from the University of Connecticut, stated that StudyAboard would be the flagship, literally and figuratively, of her education.

“In my opinion, there’s no better way to learn about charter school education than in a beach chair, drinking a Macallan single malt,” said Yelder.

According to DeVos, a few lucky families can use vouchers to help cover expenses for the for-profit, seafaring experience.

“Every young person deserves a thorough and enriching education,”explained the former RepublicanNational Committeewoman, “so long as their parents can afford to send them to a proper private school or, in this case, my family’s $40 million super yacht.”

Dick DeVos stated, “My wife and I believe in giving students the boats —I mean, opportunities — they need to succeed.”

Study Aboard serves as the first step in an initiative to promote Boats of Choice.

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