Creative Writing Class Having Trouble Giving Feedback On Classmate’s Manifesto

Classmates were reportedly struggling to switch up the sentence structure in Thorne’s call for a new world order.

Students in English 223 have reported some difficulty in submitting edits and suggestions on classmate Thomas Thorne’s anarchistic manifesto.

Witnesses stated Thorne brought in a highly-detailed 63-page treatise for the course’s weekly workshop section. According to the class’s graduate student instructor, the piece “exceeded both the assignment’s page limit and the limits of modern ethics.”

“I was pretty on board with it until he got to Section Two, Clause Three, and Amendment Thirteen, where he started talking about chemtrails. I feel like his use of literary devices just really didn’t support his argument well,” said LSA freshman Allison Spencer.

Thorne had previously expressed his passion for prose writing with his last workshop submission, a modern adaptation of Karl Marx’s collected works that received tepid reactions at workshop.

“Honestly, I think his submission was totally inappropriate. This is a creative writing class and what Thomas turned in was just so derivative of better work on CIA mind control and lizard people. I get that we’re amateurs, but his disorganized ramblings were just trite. Our suggestions can’t help something that cliché,” said SMTD sophomore Mark Rickles.

At press time, Thorne’s classmates were seen underlining typos in an attempt to avoid mentioning the manifesto’s larger structural flaws.

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