Crying Girl Cries Harder After Realizing She Going To Look All Swollen From Crying

Schommer’s tears intensified when she remembered that she had an in-class presentation the next day.

Numerous witnesses have corroborated that crying girl Cindy Schommer began crying even harder after realizing she was going to “look all swollen from crying” the next day.

The weeping woman reportedly wept even more after it dawned on her that her face was going to get “super puffy” from all her tears.

“I was only sobbing a little bit at first,” noted Schommer between gasps for air, “but once it occurred to me that I was going to wake up in a few hours with my eyes looking like soggy balloons — that’s when the waterworks really started.”

In addition to her worries about the distention of her eyes, the distressed Schommer also expressed concern that her skin would be “all red and splotchy” after hours of aggressively rubbing her face and blowing snot out of her nose.

Though the intensity of her tears was reportedly commensurate with the terrible tragedy she’d suffered, Schommer was regretful that her emotional response was now going to make her look fucking ugly.

Schommer was last seen paralyzed by the realization that she hadn’t done anything but cry all day.

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