It’s Just A Holiday To Sell Greeting Cards

I honestly don’t understand how anyone buys into this Valentine’s Day stuff anymore. It’s so obviously just another way for Hallmark to capitalize on a holiday that has no real meaning to it and sell a bunch of shallow greeting cards.

All of you people in relationships probably can’t even see how stupid you look, spending hundreds of dollars on gifts and dinners — what a waste. Thankfully, I’m not in a relationship, so I can spend that money on the stuff that matters, like a new trash can for the kitchen, or new tires for my car. You know, stuff that’s actually useful.

And don’t even get me started on the Instagram posts. Like, if you truly loved your significant other, you’d keep that shit private. I promise that nobody wants to see how you guys got dressed up real nice and looked oh-so-happy with each other. Like, I’m perfectly happy with my Hulu subscription, but you don’t see me advertising that on social media, because I know that no one cares.

Now, you can call me bitter, or lonely, or sad, or just an all-around depressing guy, but no matter what, I will stand by my belief that Valentine’s Day is just a stupid waste of a holiday. Unless I get a girlfriend soon.

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