‘It’s Not Your Fault,’ Says Boyfriend Of Girlfriend Whose Fault It Is

‘It’s really not a big deal,’ said Stein about his partner’s epic fuck-up.

Last Monday, witnesses spotted area boyfriend Nate Stein assuring his crying girlfriend that she was not at fault, even though she clearly was.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” reassured Stein, despite it being clear as day that girlfriend Arielle Matthews did something wrong. Preliminary reports show that Matthews entered the wrong address into Google Maps, leading the couple three hours in the wrong direction on their way to Stein’s cousin’s wedding.

“It’s as much my fault as it is yours,” claimed Stein, blatantly lying. “I should’ve been more clear when I was reading you the address.”

Despite the fact that Matthews read the address directly from the invitation, she still somehow managed to enter “Maine” instead of “New Jersey.”

“We’ll get to the wedding a little late, but I’m sure my family will understand that we just made a little mistake,” stated Stein, inexplicably using the pronoun “we,” when he should have been using “you.”

“Everyone makes mistakes — it could’ve happened to anyone,” he continued, even though in this case, the mistake belonged solely to Matthews.

Reports show that, by the end of the conversation, Stein had successfully and unjustly convinced his girlfriend that both of them should share the blame equally.

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