Math Professor Can’t Add Up Why His Adult Son Was Found Dead At 23

The pain of losing his only child was reportedly incalculable.

After his son’s body was found in the trunk of a 2009 Nissan Sentra, LSA Mathematics professor Dr. Marcus Howard is reportedly attempting to sum up the “extreme turn of events” that led to the death of his only child.

“I can’t comprehend how it even happened,” said Howard, a long-time professor at the university, adding, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, but I just can’t put two and two together.”

Colleague Jillian Sachs, PhD, explained that “Marcus is a genius among men, a mind that has solved the most complex problems in our field,” but “the poor guy was never counting on something like this happening.”

According to DPSS spokesperson David Sanders, Howard’s son was “left in the Sentra for seven days after his head was subtracted from his body.”

For Howard, the week was “not nearly enough time to calculate how things went so, so horribly wrong.”

The grieving professor explained that he “hoped the news wouldn’t divide his family apart,” emphasizing the urgency of everyone coming together to “focus on getting to the root of the problem.”

When reached for comment, Professor Howard’s wife, Dr. Angela Howard of the Chemistry department, said that she was “split into the smallest of particles” after her terrible loss.

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