Report: Joaquin Phoenix Totally Improvised Scene In Joker Where He Beats That Guy To Death

Phoenix is also said to have method-acted the entire hallucination subplot.

In the wake of Joker’s nomination success, reports are coming in that actor Joaquin Phoenix completely improvised the scene in which his character violently murders a man in his apartment.

The acclaimed Phoenix, nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role, was reportedly “gripped by inspiration” as he gripped the other man’s scalp and bashed it against a wall multiple times.

“I never let the lines on my script confine me. As soon as I had the scissors in my hand, I knew what I had to do,” claimed Phoenix, referring to his impulse decision to plunge the instrument into the man’s neck before throwing him to the ground.

The famed method actor has a reputation of using improv in his movies, claiming it “helps him create more believable scenes.”

“In the train scene, we intended for the businessmen to just beat Fleck up and leave, but then Joaquin pulled out a gun and started shooting,” said Joker director Todd Phillips. “After that, we were so in-awe that we didn’t even bother giving him the script.”

At press time, Phoenix was seen throwing away the Oscar acceptance speech his assistant wrote for him, electing to just “see where the Muses take him.”

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