Rowdy RAs Bust Own Party

RA Giniari was seen turning in his stash of weed after giving residents a talk against hotboxing dorm rooms.

A group of resident advisors in the University of Michigan’s West Quad dormitory were forced to bust their own party last Saturday when one of the rambunctious RAs sent a complaint to the RA on duty who was also at the party.

RA Lionel Giniari, who made the complaint, was reportedly appalled by the abundance of protocol violations.

“I just can’t believe that I was drinking so much alcohol,” he said, adding that “there was absolutely no way I was staying in the blue — I wasn’t even in the violet.”

Hall director Katherine Richardson was proud of her RAs, saying, “It takes real commitment to complain about, act on said complaint, and then bust a party all while participating in the party’s activities.”

Jasmine Clay, director of resident education later sent out an email to nip any negative press in the bud.

“Our RAs are committed to this university and follow the rules even if it means being a huge tattletale or a massive dweebozoid that totally will not get invited to any more parties.”

At one point the party reportedly became so unruly that some of the residents were worried for their advisors’ safety.

“It was crazy, it sounded like they were having fun which is completely out of character for them,” said Sarah Mathews, a resident of West Quad. “Too bad it all got so out of hand.”

The RAs responsible were later seen berating a fellow residential advisor for filling out form 2B when they should have filled out 2C.

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