The Arb Is Lovely This Time Of Year

Hey man, have you been to the Arb yet this year? Yeah, I know it’s February and it’s cold, but dude, this is actually the best time to go, trust me. I myself am a bit of a nature enthusiast and know that right now is the prime season to hike the path to the river and mellow out with some dank mushrooms.

I get it, a nighttime hike down rocky trails in mid-February may not appeal to everyone, but for me, there is no more peaceful way to enjoy the crisp temperatures during this time of year. With enough layers and enough psilocybin in tow, the Arb becomes a real winter wonderland.

Look, I know I might sound like a bit of a hippie, but if you just tried these sweet caps and stems once, you’d understand. You haven’t seen the Dow Field until you’ve seen it when it’s covered in snow and you’re completely high on psychedelics.

If you need me in the next 36 hours, I’ll be down by the Peony Garden, vibing next to the wilted leaves and muddy flowerbeds.

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