32-Year-Old Man Unsure When He Supposed To Stop Wearing Retainer

Lee was unaware that his childhood orthodontist was no longer even alive.

Sources have confirmed that 32-year-old Jason Lee has no idea when he’s supposed to stop wearing the wire retainer he got in seventh grade, when his braces were removed.

“My orthodontist told me to wear my retainer every night, but there wasn’t a strict deadline for when to stop,” reported Lee, as he scrubbed the 20-year old wire with his toothbrush. “So I’ve just been wearing it ever since.”

“One time in high school, I forgot to bring my retainer to summer camp. By the time camp was over, my buck teeth were back. I can’t take those chances again,” added Lee as he carefully snapped his retainer into the blue, sparkly case he received in 2000.

Lee’s wife is reportedly less than thrilled about his self-proclaimed “life-sentence.”

“He just needs to grow up and accidentally throw his retainer away like the rest of us did,” she said. Lee was last seen cleaning the retainer’s case for the third time since he acquired it 19 years ago.

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