Area Man Bad At Texting Asks To See Woman’s Bobs

Wheeler texted Vessemi to let her know that he ‘csme so hard.’

Last week, local technologically inept man Jason Wheeler reportedly messaged area woman Jessica Vessemi a potentially lewd text, asking his current romantic interest if he could “feel up [her] bobs.”

A bewildered Vessemi said that the 1:25 am solicitation included a request to “take a peek at them tittoes” and an ask for a photo of her “wit pusey.”

“I don’t know exactly what he means, but I know I’m supposed to be aroused,” Vessemi explained, saying, “I will block him if I get one more late night text asking if he can come over and ‘fick me deap.’”

Defending the message, Wheeler said he “felt like the point got across,” adding, “it’s like the time I texted her telling her I wanted to shove my covk up her pussu.”

Wheeler attempted to explain himself, saying “the keyboard is just so small,” before adding, “just because I’m not a tech guy, doesn’t mean I can’t try to tell her ‘how hsrd my hige vock’ is.”

At press time, Wheeler was seen searching a popular porn website for “amine schoolgirl boovies.”

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