Doctor Knew He Shouldn’t Have Wasted Mask Supply On Giant Mask Sculpture

The 2,000-mask sculpture was reportedly breathtaking.

Sources are confirming that ER doctor Samuel Greene, MD knew he shouldn’t have wasted the University of Michigan Hospital’s supply of masks on building a giant mask sculpture.

According to reports, Greene was now “seriously regretting” his decision to construct a massive work of art from the hospital’s stockpile of N95 masks.

“At the time, I was feeling really creative and figured I should strike while the iron was hot,” commented the disgraced doctor. “Now, needless to say, my choice of medium probably wasn’t ideal.”

The abstract piece, made of personal protective equipment, was reportedly eye-catching and mysterious, but also hugely wasteful considering the global outbreak.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think Dr. Greene’s sculpture is gorgeous and thought-provoking,” said nurse anaesthetist Jenna Smith, using a bandana to cover her face as she treated a patient. “But we really could’ve used a couple more of those masks in the ICU these past few days.”

At press time, Greene was wishing he hadn’t squandered the hospital’s latex gloves by blowing them up and drawing faces on them. 

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