Girl Smoking Weed In Front Of Cops Maybe Should Be Paranoid

Eyewitnesses report that the girl smoking weed mere inches from an on-duty police officer maybe should be at least a little bit paranoid.

“I just don’t get paranoid, I guess?” said stoner Olivia Farr while blowing smoke directly into the officer’s aviators.

According to sources, Farr was taken into police custody only a few months earlier with over 3.5 kilos of marijuana in her backpack, wearing an “All cops are bastards” t-shirt and not even the slightest sign of unease.

“I’ve never seen anyone with that level of nonchalance before,” said friend Eric Barnes. “I thought weed fiends would be a paranoid bunch — I mean, it only makes sense. Right now I’m really hoping that kicks in for Olivia.”

Despite concern for his friend, Barnes also noted that he “[needed] to get [himself] some of that strain.”

At press time, Farr was seen petting the drug-sniffing dog that was about to discover her stash.

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