Man Who Took Xanax On Flight Dies Peacefully In Horrific Nosedive

Nelson enjoyed a pleasant dream while American Airlines Flight 062 experienced a nightmare.

This past Monday, Xanax-user and American Airlines Flight 062 passenger Gregory Nelson passed peacefully in his sleep after the aircraft plummeted to the ground and exploded.

Preliminary reports show that as all four of the plane’s engines burst into flames, Nelson was smiling in his slumber, enjoying a dream about his Yorkshire terrier.

While most passengers broke into complete panic when the aircraft first depressurized and the oxygen masks deployed, Nelson was covered with a warm blanket and listening to relaxing music through noise- cancelling headphones.

“We’re going down!” screamed passenger Patricia Smith, as Nelson experienced the best sleep quality he had had in months. As all other travelers wished their loved ones tearful goodbyes when the cabin filled with black smoke, Nelson was heard snoring.

Except for Nelson, whose final moments were marked with a euphoric feeling of relaxation, all passengers, crew members, and pilots had their final moments marked with abject horror as the plane burst into flames.

While the 248 other passengers suffered a brutal and traumatic demise as the growing flames melted their flesh, Nelson peacefully entered death’s loving embrace.

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