Ok, Everyone Line Up Single File And Count Off One By One

Ok, everyone line up single file and count off one by one when we say “Go.” This should only take a minute. If everyone can just pay attention for their turn to call out the next number, we should be out of here in no time.

Great. Now if everyone could just look around at the other members of their household (should be standing next to you in line) and designate a “Person 1,” “Person 2,” et cetera, and have all the lower-numbered persons move to the front of the line and the higher-numbered ones to the back, we’ve just got to write a few things down….

Perfect. Now if the person standing on your right lived in the household previously noted for the greater part of the calendar year, nod your head. If this is not the case, say “Nay.” It’ll just take a second to count up all the nods and nays and we’ll be right on our way. Okay, now raise your left hand if you’re male, your right hand if you’re female, wave one hand if neither answers apply, and raise both hands if you’d prefer not to answer this question. We’ve just got to tally up some answers here.

Anyone undocumented? No? Ok, moving on….

Well, if no one’s got any questions, looks like we’ve got about 327,289,146. That’s up quite a bit from last time. Anyway, that’s a wrap! You’re all good to go now — see everyone in 2030!

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