Report: Guy In Mascot Costume Probably A Furry

The high schooler’s fursona had school spirit that was reportedly unmatched.

Multiple spectators at Edgerton High School’s Friday night basketball game have voiced their suspicions that the student in the Edgerton Eagles mascot costume is probably also a furry.

Luke Davis, a senior at Edgerton, reportedly volunteered to take the role as the school’s mascot before school officials even announced the job was available. Davis, in addition to attending all of Edgerton’s athletic events, also appears in costume at every school-sponsored activity, including debate team tournaments and PTA bake sales.

“Luke is in my bio class, and it makes so much sense why he’d want to be the guy in the eagle suit. He’s always asking weird questions about wolf mating patterns, and I heard he even bit his lab partner once,” said Maura Chilton, Davis’s classmate.

Classmates of Davis have not been the only ones to question his interest in being the school’s mascot. Many have reported surprise that the shy outcast seems “very much in his element when leading football game spectators in the wave.”

“When Luke asked me if he could be the next mascot, it sounded more like he was telling me than actually asking,” said Chet Riley, Edgerton’s athletics director. “I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but he was pretty convincing. He had quite a bit of experience on his resume and had clearly done a lot of research on animal costumes.”

At press time, Davis explained that the many alterations he was making to the Edgerton Eagles costume were “for his weekend plans” and “not to worry about it.”

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