Report: No One Knows What Toddler Saying

The entire Brown family agreed to just go along with it.

A variety of sources have confirmed that no one understands what two-year-old Nate Brown is babbling about.

“The idiot can’t even squeak a full sentence out,” said Nate’s father, Mr. Brown, in reference to his son. “Everything he says is incomprehensible, but we just reply with ‘yes!’ and he seems to be satisfied.”

“Peas ate da lookey!” reported the tot, who could have either been asking for a cookie or pointing out a squirrel.

Ashley Roberts, Nate’s babysitter, reports that she just resorts to handing Nate random objects in response to his blathering.

“The other day, he kept saying ‘ama teed fur!’ so I gave him his stuffed lion just to shut him up,” said Roberts. “Turns out he actually had a fever, but what can you do?”

“He was incessantly screaming ‘monk aba pa!” during Frozen II, so we left the theater because we assumed he was scared of Olaf,” reported Mrs. Brown. “Apparently he just had to pee.”

At press time, Nate was seen giving his parents a crayon drawing even more indecipherable than his speech.

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