Tip Left On Hotel Dresser Cannot Begin To Make Up For What Andrew Did To The Bathroom

The $4.27 tip could not even cover the cost of a new bottle of Clorox.

Sources are confirming that the meager tip left by spring breaker Andrew Romano while checking out of the Fort Lauderdale Marriott could not even begin to make up for the damage he had done to his en suite bathroom.

“I always try to leave a little extra something for the cleaning ladies, just to thank them for doing such a good job,” said Romano, referencing the $4.27 he had left in a crumpled pile on the dresser, as if it could atone for the havoc he wreaked on the shower drain the previous evening.

The grateful Romano reportedly straightened up the covers and made sure to turn off all the lights before closing the door on the absolutely decimated hotel washroom.

“Tips are, of course, always appreciated, especially around this time of year,” commented housekeeper Brenda Page, as she pocketed Romano’s loose change and started pulling on a pair of industrial-strength gloves.

“I do feel kinda bad for how me and my buddies left the place, you can only be so clean when you’ve been drinking non-stop for the past five days,” mused a concerned Romano. “I would’ve left a bigger tip, but I’ve already spent so much this week — I just don’t think I could afford it.”

Romano was last spotted purchasing a $38 “2020 Ft. Lauderdale Skeet Legends” novelty t-shirt with his father’s credit card to replace the button-down he soiled while puking in the sink.

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