TSA Agent Clearly Has Foot Fetish

Meyer was last seen asking if he could check in between a passenger’s toes.

Witnesses have reported that TSA agent Tom Meyer most definitely has the hots for feet.

“I was just going through security for my flight to Tampa when suddenly this sicko was yelling at me to take my shoes off,” said Florida native Sally Michaelson.

“He kept insisting that I strip my feet down to my socks,” continued the shaken-up mother-of-three. “I’m horrified that my children had to witness that freak getting off to my polka-dot stockings.”

Witnesses confirm that this type of sexual harassment was routine from Meyer.

“My job requires me to fly out of here every Tuesday, and every single time that perv makes me take my shoes off,” reported 27-year old Thomas Miller as he untied his laces. “I just wish he’d keep his weird sexual fantasies in the bedroom.”

When reached for comment, Meyer just said, “It’s all part of the job. Whether you’re 18 or 80, I can’t let you through until I see those feet!”

At press time, the perverted Meyer was also seen requesting that everyone remove their belts.

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