We’re Not Just Angry, We’re Also Disappointed

Hey, champ. Your mom and I want to talk to you for a sec. We know you threw a party while we were gone this weekend, and we want you to know that we’re not just angry with you. We’re also disappointed.

Now, listen, bud. We put a lot of faith in you. A lot of trust, right? And by having your friends over for alcohol and drugs, you’ve betrayed that trust. I know you said Tyler pressured you into it, but it’s still just not acceptable. One of your friends shat in the pool! Why would you let a person like that into our house? You know who has to clean that up? You, buster.

Your mother and I know that being a teen can be confusing. Sometimes you make mistakes, and we understand that. We made plenty of mistakes ourselves at your age. But our mistakes weren’t that bad. It was the 80s. Everyone was doing that stuff. But it’s 2020 now and times have changed.

Son, there’s nothing you could ever do that would make us stop loving you. However, this does make us rethink getting you a car for your next birthday. No video games for a week.

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