Area Dad Spends All $1,200 On The Grill

Johnson was last seen flipping patties for his neighborhood’s social-distanced barbecue.

Area father Hank Johnson confessed last week to spending the full $1,200 of his COVID-19 stimulus check on the backyard grill.

While Sarah Johnson, Mr. Johnson’s wife, was hoping to use the cash to contribute to paying off the family’s mortgage, the meat-loving father was excited to blow the whole thing on a brand new propane grill and full set of accessories.

Dr. Lydia Stevenson of the University of Washington’s Economic Department said that “the economic ramifications of the new COVID-19 stimulus bill are still uncertain, but it is 100% evident that Hank already spent every penny of his check on a new propane grill.”

“We’re extremely satisfied with what should be recognized as an extremely informed purchase,” said Weber LLC. spokesperson Bill Andrews, “Mr. Johnson made the right move in getting a top-of-the-line model and set of premium accessories for his price point of $1,200.”

At press time, Mr. Johnson was seen attempting to fire up the new barbecue as Mrs. Johnson was telling him he’d be sleeping on the couch for the next week.

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