Disney To Create Cartoon Remake Of Live-Action Remake Of The Lion King

Audiences were excited to see the beloved 2019 smash-hit rendered in 2-D.

Earlier this week, executives at Walt Disney Animation Studios announced that the company has greenlighted the production of an animated adaptation of its live-action feature film, The Lion King (2019).

The new film’s storyline will reportedly mirror that of The Lion King (2019). The studio allegedly hopes to capture the “essence” of the original motion-capture phenomenon by going back to the abstract visuals and charming caricatures of 2D animation.

The sequel to the sequel of the Disney classic will once again follow Simba and his journey to self-actualization. However, this time, his adventures with quirky meerkat Timon and lovable warthog Pumbaa will be presented in a completely hand-drawn format.

Reports confirm that the shift in filmmaking style is highly anticipated by audiences, who are excited to see the classic tale reimagined in a completely new format.

“The live action was cool, but I was so excited to hear that they were thinking of remaking it with 2D animation. There is something so special about that style, and it is such a unique idea to do this movie like that,” reported Rebecca Green, avid fan of the 2019 The Lion King movie.

At press time, Disney hinted at upcoming hand-drawn adaptations of other live-action box office hits such as Cinderella (2015) and Aladdin (2019).

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