R&B Producer Hopes People Fuck To This One

Marshall reportedly crossed his fingers as he air-thrusted to the beat.

Sources have confirmed that R&B producer Xavier Marshall, currently recording his latest album at ElectricLady Studios, hopes that listeners nationwide will be able to fuck to this one.

“I hope it does the trick,” said Marshall, looking skyward as his sex anthems reverberated through the recording studio. “This one’s for the freaks,” he continued, adding a dirty bass to what he hoped would be another hot baby-making track.

The musician was reportedly working day in and day out to perfect the final mix that would make fans immediately add the album to their“sexy time” playlists and bone to his sick beats.

“It’s not that I’d be disappointed if someone started streamingInThrough the Heart II while they weren’t screwing,” Marshall later clarified. “I’d just also pray that, for every person playing these slow, sultry jams while doing their homework, there’d also be hordes of sexed-up, lusty couples with nothing on their minds other than absolutely ravishing each other.”

Marshall was last seen lingering around at his listening party, waiting for every single person to go home with somebody.

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