Report: Trump Sons Complete Work On EasterBunnyCatcher-2000

The middle-aged brothers were last seen biting the heads off of their chocolate bunnies in anticipation.

After weeks of trial and error while tinkering around the White House on the taxpayer’s dime, Trump sons Eric and Donald Jr. have announced the completion of work on their EasterBunnyCatcher-2000.

“The time has come for us to catch that wascally wabbit and find out where he’s been hiding all those delicious Easter eggs,” said Trump Jr., using his shirt sleeve to wipe chocolate from last year’s stash off his lips.

Witnesses attest that the contraption, described by the elder two Trump sons as “foolproof,” consists of the mesh trash bin from the Oval Office, hung from a tie looped around the end of a 9-iron golf club.

“Now all we have to do is leave a carrot on the floor of the West Wing, hide around the corner with the EasterBunnyCatcher-2000, and wait until Saturday night,” said Trump Jr.

According to sources, the Trumps’ EasterBunnyCatcher-2000 is an upgrade from the EasterBunnyCatcher-1000, which failed last Easter when Eric fell asleep.

Trump Sr. was last seen scratching his head as the 42- and 36-year-old brothers put their plan into action, confused as to how his sons knew about the Easter Bunny, seeing as he never even celebrated the holiday with them in the first place.

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