‘We Are The Virus,’ Reports Man Watching Deer Give Birth In His Front Yard

‘This is time for Mother Earth to heal,’ said Dawkins, as tears rolled down his cheeks.

As animals begin to reclaim their native lands while the nation is on lockdown, area man Harry Dawkins has since determined that it is humanity who is the actual virus upon witnessing a deer give birth in his backyard.

“Seeing that deer allow herself to be so vulnerable really put things in a whole new perspective for me,” said Dawkins, as the white-tail deer released a fawn into the world on his lawn. “We are the virus, and corona is the vaccine.”

Dawkins came to the realization that it was in fact the human populace that deserved to be a metaphor for disease as he watched the birth take place on the very ground where he used to grill hamburgers.

The miracle of nature reportedly occurred despite the fact that, just a few weeks ago, Dawkins could have hit that same deer with his car and not thought twice.

“Seems like Mother Earth is rebooting,” Dawkins added in awe, gazing at the baby deer taking its first few steps as if he wouldn’t be shooting it a few months from now on a hunting trip.

At press time, Dawkins was seen making plans with his friends, excited to resume living life exactly as he was before quarantine.

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