Awkward! Jeopardy’s Newest Category Is Just ‘The Time And Place You Will Die’

Last Friday’s edition of Jeopardy threw their brainy contestants for a loop when they all came up short in the new category, “The Time And Place You Will Die.”

It’s not every day that you hear Alex Trebek read off your home address on live TV, but that’s exactly what happened to whiz kid Mark Donaldson on last night’s episode. Talk about too close for comfort!

According to Jeopardy! viewers, the category also contained the round’s Video Daily Double, showing footage of a gruesome five-car highway crash scheduled two months from now and featuring contestant Ben Solder’s car bursting into flames. Bummer!

The category, for its $1000 question, apparently advised former Jeopardy! champion Sue Collins to “run” and said that contestant Samantha Flynn should “watch what she eats in eight days”. 

Bright flashing lights and ominous Latin chanting were noticed to be coming from the door to the writer’s room. 

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