Girl With Knee Brace Totally Milking This

Girl with knee brace at doctor's office
Herndon has recently requested extra accommodations for her exams following her injury.

After tripping during her IM soccer game, LSA sophomore Julia Herndon has been spotted hobbling around central campus in a knee brace, in what some are calling an “obvious attempt at milking the hell out of the situation.”

According to witnesses, Herndon was seen ignoring an untied shoe as she went in for a free kick. The rogue lace tripped her, landing her directly on her right knee. Though doctors later confirmed that the injury was nothing more than “some light bruising,” Herndon has seemingly developed a limp.

“She asked me the other day if I could hold her backpack for her on the way to the Union,” said Herndon’s housemate, Sophie Allen. “I wasn’t even going to the Union. She wanted me to walk there just to carry her bag. I would get it if her shoulder was injured or something, but her knee? I don’t know.”

Another friend of Herndon’s confirmed that Julia said the injury “was excruciating. Literally, her whole leg was just on fire. She wasn’t sure if she’d shattered the whole thing.”

“I just hope I’ll be able to recover by next year’s season,” Julia stated. “If it goes on being this painful, though, I don’t know if I’ll be back on my feet by then.”

At press time, Julia Herndon was seen walking completely normally until she noticed someone else was watching, at which point she began “dragging her left leg pitifully behind her.”

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