Newly-Unemployed Actor Just Going To Have To Improvise

man in middle of scene on stage
Jennings was relieved to have spent a few years training for his economic misfortune by attending UCB classes.

After his six-month run in the off-Broadway musical Aladdin in Chicago was cancelled due to the coronavirus, recently-furloughed ensemble actor Shia Jennings is reportedly now just going to have to improvise in order to make ends meet.

With years of professional ad-libbing experience under his belt, the talented 26 year-old performer is allegedly planning to pull out some spontaneous tricks in order to put food on his table this fall.

Among waiting tables and delivering pizzas with his bike, this highly-creative actor is going to have to pull various plans out of his hat to stay afloat.

Other jobless actors have gathered in impromptu groups to discuss their next moves, testing their quick-thinking skills with group improv games such as “Name an Industry” and “Yes, And…How Will You Pay Rent?

“Just thinking off the top of my head, in this situation, I’m probably going to have to move back in with my parents, all things considered,” mentioned Karla Freeman, another unemployed actor.

At press time, the former cast of Aladdin was seen juggling multiple applications for local barista jobs.

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