Roommate Probably Saving Clump Of Hair In Shower For Later

Clump of hair around a shower drain
The clump has reportedly not moved since it first appeared on the shower floor six weeks ago.

Sources have confirmed that Sara Breen of Ann Arbor decided not to move a wad of human hair from the shower, concluding that her roommate was likely saving the hair for something.

Breen reportedly noticed the clump of hair after her shower was not draining and chose to leave the hair over the drain and stand in the pool of water.

“I saw a handful of dark hair and knew it was Noa’s, which is gross, but I wasn’t about to touch it. She’s an art student, so it might be part of some project. I wouldn’t want to disrupt that,” commented Breen, her feet pruned from standing in three inches of water

Studies have confirmed that in 82 percent of clogged shower drain encounters, hair is the culprit. Of those cases, a mere 6 percent of those surveyed choose to take action to unclog the drain.

“It was disgusting. Even if I knew how to remove it, I wouldn’t want to try,” Breen claimed.

At press time, Breen was helping out her roommate by adding her own sheddings to the clump.

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