Ungrateful Bitch Sneezes Again After Being Told “Bless You”

Girl Sneezing
Thompson allegedly asked a fellow shopper for a tissue, as if she had not already far overstepped her bounds.

Multiple sources have reported recently that an ungrateful bitch sneezed again even after being told “bless you.”

Maria Thompson, 36, was reportedly suffering from a mild cold when she let out a sneeze at the local Walgreens. After a passerby kindly offered a “bless you,” Thompson proceeded to sneeze yet again.

Witnesses of the scene were “absolutely appalled” at the audacity of Thompson’s behavior.

“To sneeze once, yeah, I get it,” said Tim Meyer, 28. “But again? After someone said ‘bless you?’ I just wonder sometimes where some people get the nerve.”

“I was shocked,” commented Rex Cortez, who reportedly said “bless you” the first time. “I mean, I took time out of my day to wish her well just for her to completely disregard that by sneezing twice. It really makes me wonder what this country’s coming to. What happened to common decency?”

“It’s greed, plain and simple,” remarked Jane Brown, manager of the Walgreens location where the incident took place. “She’d already been blessed once, and now she’s asking for it again? Give me a break.”

Thompson was last seen sniffling in the Walgreens snack aisle, possibly making plans to sneeze a third time.

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