University Of Michigan Considering New Slogan Due To Lack Of Leaders Or Best

People standing around a whiteboard with slogan ideas, such as "lawers wear vests," "beetles are pests," and "Kim Kardashian West."

In response to poor handling of the pandemic by the University of Michigan, officials have determined that“Leaders and Best” will no longer be the school’s motto due to its recent absence of both leaders and bests.

Following national coverage of the undergraduate stay-at-home order, the school’s administration has been forced to reckon with the university’s long history of having an inaccurate slogan. The University has decided to reconsider whether their choice to keep the motto was appropriate in the current climate.

“We have heard what GEO, RAs, and OneU has had to say.We agree that the University has made mistakes, which is why we can no longer call ourselves ‘leaders and best,’” reported University PresidentMark Schlissel.

“I was grateful to hear of the change,” said Charles Munger, a major donor to the school. “Here’s hoping they choose something that’s a little more true to the school’s spirit, in light of how the administration has been handling itself.”

The PR team developing the new slogan have reportedly narrowed the options down to “Passing Their Tests” or“Cold and Depressed.”

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