Woman Who Deleted Social Media Prefers To Sell Her Data Locally

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“I just don’t trust Zuckerberg,” reported Angie, while enabling camera privileges on every app on her phone.

Reports are confirming that AngieLee, 28, has deleted her social media apps, but will continue to sell her data locally.

“I just felt like such a slave to the scroll, you know?” Lee remarked.“It seemed like a good time to take a break, for the sake of my mental health. Now, I can sell my data in away that’s better for my brain and supports my local economy!”

Lee’s decision comes at a time where there is growing controversy surrounding companies such asFacebook mining and selling personal data to advertisers. Lee claims that “just because I’m not knee-deep in content all the time, doesn’t mean I can’t still be part of the fun.”

Mental health professional ArthurHolt, an expert on the effects of social media, commented, “It’s really important, especially for young people, to have enough awareness to maintain good boundaries when it comes to social media. It is even more important, however, to make sure your data gets out there by any means necessary.” He continued, “we got to keep those algorithms sharp, baby.”

Lee was last seen trying to sell her cache and cookies at the local farmers market

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