World’s Scientists Scrambling After Thinking Other Countries Would Do All Work On COVID Vaccine

Four scientists wearing lab coats and gloves in a lab
The researchers have been frantically trying to “play catch up” to protect the lives of millions.

International health officials are scrambling in an attempt at last-minute research into the development of a Sars-Cov-2 vaccine candidate after realizing the other countries wouldn’t do all the work for them.

We admit that we were mostly waiting for someone else to get started, so we could eventually just hop in and contribute something for credit,” said top US scientists, after quickly closing an open laptop streaming an episode of Schitt’s Creek.

A group of acclaimed Chinese scientists released a statement onMonday after playing nearly 7 hours of NBA2K20 saying, “we were thinking we could do the easy parts, and just work off of the ideas from other countries.”

An organization of scientists from the UnitedArab Emirates said “we were able to take a look at the problem, and made aGoogle Doc to share with everyone else.”

Leaked World Health Organization messages between countries revealed that many countries communicated that they “planned on getting started with the work sooner, but things got so busy, and time just went by so quickly.”

At press time, a group from the CDC was seen asking if “anyone else could share their work, just to compare answers.”

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