Modern Day Icarus Forced To Transfer Cereal To Bigger Bowl

Cereal in big bowl
Winston was last seen pouring macaroni noodles into a way-too-small saucepan.

Reports are confirming that, much like the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, area man Leo Winston let his hubris get the best of him and had to transfer his serving of cereal into a larger bowl.

“I always use the same bowl when I have cereal, but this time I thought that I’d mix it up and use a different one,” Winston described, “that is, until I added the milk and everything started overflowing. I’ve never felt so out of control in my life.”

Winston’s housemate, Randy, a witness to the event, claimed, “It was really hard to watch because at first, he was so excited about his night cereal, but then, once he could tell he wouldn’t be able to eat out of that little bowl, it was all downhill. Truly a fall from grace.”

The transfer was “messy and embarrassing” according to Winston, “with milk sloshing everywhere and the spoon falling to the floor.”

At press time, Winston was allegedly “flying toward the sun again” when he added even more cereal to his bigger bowl.

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