SpaceX Astronauts Disobey Space Suit Mandate

Astronauts were seen forgoing their space suits in favor of what they called their "individual liberties."

Multiple sources have reported that a few of the SpaceX astronauts sent to the International Space Station (ISS) this week have made the decision to forgo protective spacesuits despite the government mandate recently issued.

Victor Glover, one of the crewmates, said, “I think I should have the choice whether I want to wear the suit or not. It doesn’t hurt anyone. If I end up freezing to death and becoming a human popsicle orbiting the globe, that’s my prerogative.”

Other astronauts expressed skepticism about the credibility of NASA’s Advanced Space Suit Pressure Garment System team, calling them “actors” and “fascist puppeteers.”

“First, they tell us to put on a space suit when we go outside and before you know it, they will be taking away our space lasers,” said Glover. “It’s a slippery slope to tyrannical socialism.”

“I’ve given my entire life to science. I studied astrophysics and not biology, epidemiology, or life sciences, but I get the gist. I’ve run the numbers and even if I do end up outside the station without a suit, I’m young and healthy so I’ll probably be fine,” remarked Staci Galloway, another one of the astronauts.

Some of the astronauts did in fact comply by wearing most of the suit but chose to ditch the helmet in order to “breathe.”

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