U.S. Surfers Stoked To Catch Huge Third Wave

COVID-19 cases graph
The surfers were later seen giving shakas while on ventilators.

After hearing that the virus surge is “supposed to be massive,” many U.S. surfers are “totally stoked” to catch this huge third wave.

“Yeah, this pandemic has been pretty gnarly with all the people dying and junk,” said Jeff Ericson, a big-wave surfer. “But I think that it might all just be worth it if this wave is going to be as big as they say. I’m pretty fucking jazzed to shoot that hulking tube.”

Many other surfers have also expressed that if it takes getting the coronavirus to get on the wave, they will happily take that risk and be “totally psyched” at the prospect.

The CDC reported that most of the uptick in COVID-19 cases in California was related to surfers catching the virus. In the report, the CDC said, “Some of the surfers are in critical condition in the hospital, but they don’t seem to care that they could die because they are so unbelievably amped about catching the wave.”

Local surf shop owner, Mac Rollins, expressed some concern over the increase in cases but quickly dismissed his worries saying, “Hey, cowabunga man.”

At press time, a maskless girl with a surfboard and wetsuit was seen diving into crowds in downtown LA.

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