Weird! This Cat Is A Boy

Weird! Sources are saying that cat Rocky, 2, is actually a boy. Is that even possible? 

That is super strange. Everyone knows that cats are girls and dogs are boys. But multiple sources, including Rocky’s owner and veterinarian, are claiming that Rocky is a boy. What the heck?

It was previously thought that due to their sly nature and feminine traits, all cats were girls. But it turns out that Rocky’s owner even calls “him” a “nice boy.” Has this ever happened before? 

Veterinarians around the country are shocked by Rocky’s story. “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” remarked Maria Barton, head of the American Veterinary Medical Association. “A cat that’s a boy? Now I’ve really seen it all.” 

Sources are now claiming that there are dogs that are girls. And not just the fruity ones like poodles! Oh, brother, when will this end?!

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