Compliment From Coworker Rendered Meaningless After Debra Gets One Too

Two people talking happily in an office
Johnson has now been forced to reconsider if any compliments on her outfits were genuine.

Secretary Shirley Johnson was reportedly disappointed when the compliment she had received from her coworker Gary Winston Monday morning was made completely meaningless, after she saw Gary give a nearly identical bit of praise to Debra from HR that same afternoon.

“At first I thought he was being genuine when he said he liked my blouse,” said Johnson, “but once he told Debra he liked her shirt, too, I realized he probably didn’t care about my blouse at all, and instead just wanted to suck up to me.”

Jeffrey from accounting commented that it was clear Gary was being a “kiss ass” to his coworkers and that the sentiments expressed had “no more value than ‘free compliments’ viral video challenge.”

At press time, Gary was overheard telling Jenna from the marketing department that he “really liked” her new hairstyle, even though other coworkers reported that her hairstyle had not changed at all.

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