Harbaugh Promises Fans That Losses Won’t Affect Michigan’s Basketball Rankings

Jim Harbaugh at a press conference

Despite his team’s struggles this season, football coach Jim Harbaugh recently reassured fans that the football team’s losses this year won’ taffect Michigan’s basketball rankings.

“Our loss against Penn State may have looked bad on paper. But don’t worry. It doesn’t affect our status as a basketball powerhouse,” explained Harbaugh.

President Mark Schlissel also released a statement to the school, saying that despite this relatively disappointing season, he was happy to see that the basketball team’s success wasn’t affected at all.

“When we fell out of the Top 25, I got worried,” said an anonymous member of the football team. “It’s a relief to know the NCAA MarchMadness selection committee won’t be looking at these bad losses on the field.”

“After watching the team go into triple OT against Rutgers, I was relieved to find out basketball hadn’t even started yet,” said anxious fan Tommy Pierson. “Thankfully, the preseason rankings didn’t dip at all.”

Around press time, Harbaugh was seen asking basketball coach Juwan Howard if he could take some plays from his playbook.

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