Have You Heard Of ‘The Big Lebowski?’

By A Man About To Explain The Entire Plot

I don’t know if you’re into classic cinema at all, but there’s this great film called “The Big Lebowski” that might be my favorite of all time. Have you heard of it?

It’s this wild comedy with Jeff Bridges as this guy who just like, wears robes all the time and is so fucking chill. Like, there’s this one scene where he goes to the grocery store and buys a gallon of milk because he only drinks White Russians—which are kinda gross but it’s so badass to have a signature drink especially if it’s something cool and weird like that— and he pays for it with a check even though it’s only like three dollars. It’s pretty hilarious.

It’s, like, really artsy and weird so I’m not surprised you haven’t seen it. I really like films like that. Ones that really make you think. And so many quotable lines! Like “Hey, that rug really tied the room together!” and “I’m the Dude.” I feel like you’re not recognizing them so maybe I should tell you a few more to jog your memory. Actually, let me just pull up the script on my phone and read it out. It’ll be easier that way.

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