Yukon Cornelius Forced To Quarantine After Being Unable To Taste Silver And Gold

Yukon Cornelias tasting his pickaxe

According to a recent report, prospector Yukon Cornelius has been forced to quarantine after being unable to taste silver and gold.

Cornelius is a world-renowned prospector known for his work at the NorthPole. His innate ability to taste silver and gold has reportedly allowed him to detect these precious metals simply by licking his pickaxe. He achieved international fame after being featured in a television special detailing his supposed relationship with a disgraced elf and a potentially radioactive reindeer.

Cornelius was reportedly instructed to quarantine after being unable to taste the rare ores, and tested positive for COVID-19 soon after. Sources report that he is cooperating with the North Pole Department of Health to identify close contacts.

“Cornelius is currently experiencing mild symptoms of COVID-19,” said Dr. Michael Jangles of the North Pole Regional Hospital. “Luckily, his line of work allows him to test his sense of smell daily, and his symptoms were caught early. We expect him to make a full recovery and return to work soon.”

At press time, doctors were seen struggling to conduct a swab test onRudolph the Red-NosedReindeer, due to the blinding nature of his lighted nose.

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