Man Just Gonna Err On Side Of Private Spotify Session

Computer cursor selecting Spotify settings
Castings was last seen Googling “does spotify save search history.”

Local man Brett Castings faced a difficult decision this past Saturday when, upon opening Spotify, he was unsure whether his music choice that evening would be embarrassing enough to warrant a private session option.

Ultimately, he chose the private option, spending thirty seconds of his life dragging his cursor to the “private” button for the sole reason of keeping his disturbing song selection secret.

“I had a tough day, okay?” said Castings, right before slamming his computer shut. “It was a Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’ type of night, and I didn’t need my roommates seeing that in the friend activity column of the app. I went back and forth on it but ultimately decided it needed to be a private session.”

Spotify developer Keith Harding commented on the situation saying, “The Spotify private session option was created for people just like Brett, who typically enjoy sharing what they’re listening to with friends but, once in a blue moon, really want to keep their streaming private. We see this a lot in our millennial male users just before playing 2008 Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or the Hamilton Broadway soundtrack.”

At press time, friends noted that Castings had failed to set his “White Girl Wasted” playlist to private.

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